Mylan Hawkins and the Hertel Walls

During my time working for Councilmember Joel Feroleto as his social media intern for the Hertel Walls I can honestly say that I have never been happier. This internship has really provided a creative outlet for me as well as connections that I am grateful for. At the beginning of my internship I did not know exactly what to expect. I knew that I would primarily post about the murals, but I did not expect to get into photography the way that I have as well as get to know the artists the way that I have. 

Looking back on my goals I would say that I have completed them all. Prominently I was able to increase engagement with each post as well as gain at the moment 52 followers since I began. Also I learned about cameras and the different settings I could use to take my pictures as well as be able to use my own point and shoot camera that I bought. There is also the amount of posts, stories, and reels that I have created that I can use in my own portfolio to show the work that I have done and even gaining the knowledge to read and understand analytics on social media. Lastly what I am most proud of during my time with the Hertel Walls was my ability to stay organized and professional which I feel allowed me to do my job better and keep Joel and Megan my supervisor happy with my work.

Overall, I am very grateful for my experience with the Hertel Walls because it gave me the chance to work autonomously and creatively all on my own. Most times with social media there is a team and through this experience I was the team and I got the chance to trust my instincts and thrive.