As the semester and my internship come to an end, I have learned and experienced a lot. The goals I had for the internship were 1) learn how to schedule posts with scheduling software, 2) post on multiple platforms, 3) see how a company determines their posting schedule, 4) get my own photos and videos for posts, and 5) bring two/three pieces of work to be submitted to my portfolio. Reflecting on my goals, I would say I did accomplish all of them. I’ve worked with the scheduling software every week since august and have posted over 200 photos onto their Facebook and Instagram along with two Instagram stories a week. I also worked on some TikToks and recently made one from videos I took and got 44k views. For the whole internship, I got to work on their Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok accounts and got experience in gathering user-generated content, interacting with followers, and analyzing analytics. 

A benefit this internship has given me is learning how to work on these platforms as a business. What I mean is being on these apps as a consumer and being on these apps marketing to consumers like you is very different. With being part of a business, you have to be professional but make content that helps people. This internship has also taught me how to use analytics to make content that people want to see. Although I worked a lot independently, I learned how to collaborate with my supervisor and bounce ideas off of one another so we could make content that was informative and fun. I think that will help me a lot later on in my career, so I know how to give and receive feedback on my work. Overall I learned a lot about what I want to do in a career in marketing. Before this, I had assumed I wanted to go into social media marketing but never had the real-life experience to see if I truly liked it. After getting hands-on experience making the posts myself, posting them, and seeing how they perform, I do want to do this after I graduate. This internship gave me a great introduction to social media marketing, and I can’t wait to put what I learned to the test in a future job.