As I come to an end on a great internship, I am reflecting on just how much I learned and experienced with my time at Douglas Development. I not only learned a lot about event planning, but I also learned so much about our community and the people in it. The connections I made from this internship were remarkable and I hope to continue many of these relationships in the future.

My goal for this internship was to gain as much experience and knowledge on what it takes to run an event. The event I focused on mostly was a vendor market that took place every Thursday in the lobby of the Seneca One Tower. It was such a great event to be a part of and an honor to have my name attached to the work that was going on with this market. I got to meet so many interesting and creative vendors every week and made many relationships with a handful of individuals who came regularly to sell their products and services. I always looked forward to going to the market every Thursday because it felt more like a social interaction rather than work, and I really enjoyed that. I am honestly going to miss this vendor market, but plan on stopping by in the future to shop and stay involved in the community.

I feel that I accomplished all of the goals I set out for myself during this semester. Between work and school, my internship with Douglas Development felt like somewhere I could genuinely enjoy myself and feel comfortable around my coworkers and supervisors. I am extremely thankful for Joe Konze, one of my supervisors who led me through this journey most of the way. He showed me so many details, both small and large, of what it takes to run a building like Seneca One and a vendor market like the one we had every week. He also hated using the word “intern” for my title, as there is a stigma around interns, so my official title was “Seneca One Ambassador,” which has a nice ring to it.

This experience definitely prepared me for my future and my last semester of college. It showed me many aspects of what I enjoy and what I don’t, while also exposing me to many businesses in the Seneca One building that may hold a future for me. I know that no matter where my career takes me, I can always rely on the experience and connections I made during my time with Douglas Development.