As I look over my semester working for ECMC’s HR department, I see how many things that I have learned. At ECMC, I have truly gained a great deal of knowledge about HR and working at a busy, high-profile location. The goals that I had set back in September were all happily met and successfully fulfilled. I was able to work on a multitude of projects, attend an orientation session, and work in a multitude of HR related departments.

Not only did I learn how to file and organize new employees in preparation for their orientation and how to input retirees into specific HR related programs, but I also learned how to work quickly and how to manage time wisely. Apart from these, the most beneficial things that I have learned from my internship at ECMC were: 

1- It is okay (and encouraged) to ask questions about something before doing something for the first time.

2- Double-checking your work is always a good habit to have.

3- Going at your fastest speed does not ensure quality.

I have learned so much about HR in this internship; however, these three things are something that I can apply to all my future endeavors. Since I was moving departments often, I was able to learn a lot about recruitment, labor relations, and benefits. Each department was vastly different from the other, but they all connected in some form or another, which was a great process to see and be part of.

I am thankful for this internship as it has helped me recognize my excitement for HR and the future that it will bring me. I look forward to my next opportunity with the helpful experiences that ECMC has given me.