Roswell Park has been my home for the last 15 weeks, and will continue to be my home for the next 15 as well. That’s right, I’m headed back for another semester. I have been exceedingly fortunate to learn as much as I have, be exposed to numerous new technologies and techniques, and to be able to return for my last semester at Canisius. Canisius has taught me so much in the classroom, but being able to learn in the field on shoots such as multiple TV ad shoots, digital ad shoots (such as Roswell Park’s holiday ad), as well as be involved in the pre production and post production processes for all of these. I was involved on day one, up in CEO and president Dr. Johnson’s office, shooting a TV ad, and quickly followed that up by editing a recap video for the Empire State Ride: Long Island Launch Weekend video. For myself, I had some goals of understanding delivery processes and reviews for videos in a professional setting, and I was certainly pleased to learn about those processes in detail. I have had the ability to travel and shoot on location as well, at the site of Roswell Park’s Tree of Hope, as well as down at KeyBank center. As for the next semester, I hope to continue to learn (after all, that is the goal), as well as participate in the multitude of shoots throughout the spring. Until then… enjoy the holidays (and Go Bills!)