I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with the Buffalo Bisons minor league baseball club as an intern this semester. I became acquainted with various valuable baseball media relations and statistics skills that have a chance to be of a notable benefit in the future for my career path. Learning and mastering the DakStats statistics program is something that I really took a liking to doing, not only did it apply to making the experience for the fans and crowd better by appearing on the jumbotron, but it sharpened my skills with and knowledge of baseball technicalities and intricate statistics as well. It was also a beneficial experience to greet media members at the ballpark entrance, and give them their credentials. This is definitely a duty that a young employee of a professional organization could be assigned as a first responsibility. Going onto the field and listening to how a professional news media reporting interview is conducted between a reporter and player was also extremely interesting to be present for, as I was able to pick up tips and tricks to use if I find myself in the same situation as a future reporter. Even after the season was complete, I still was able to stay involved. Working the community relations ballpark and facility open clubhouse tour event was a great way for me to enrich my personal relations and guiding/managing skills. It was meaningful to be able to direct and inform people throughout and about the stadium premises, and manage the hitting and pitching stations for kids that showed up. Lastly, it is an honor to be able to write a season recap article using premier information from the MiLB database that will be posted to the Buffalo Bisons website with my name in the byline. While I do wish that I could have been more involved with the actual play-by-play broadcasting department, I understand that there is only so much room for that within the organization, and that it is someone’s actual paid position and duty. Still, I am very glad to have accepted and completed the intern position with the Buffalo Bisons, and to say that I was a part of the organization when they won their first division championship in 16 years! Something that I will never forget is being so proud of seeing a handful of players with the Bisons in the beginning of my internship, and by the end, they had made it to the big leagues to play with the affiliated major league Toronto Blue Jays! Someday soon I hope to be where I was for the majority of my time with the Bisons in the press box, but with a microphone and headset, and maybe just maybe for the purpose of narrating what is happening live on the playing surface for many to hear through their radio, television, or viewing/listening device.