Wow! Has this internship/semester flown by or what. In the beginning of the semester, I was super overwhelmed– scared of not being able to completely grasp the concept of post-processing or the additive manufacturing world! However, I happy to say that after completely this internship I’ve learned a ton about not only the additive manufacturing world but about startups, company culture, B2B marketing, and much more! Here are my top takeaways from this semester:

  1. Working for a startup is fun, collaborative, and flexible! We worked in an open office with a full kitchen and lounge area, no cubicles! This allowed for easy collaboration with colleagues from different departments.
  2. In B2B marketing, there’s plenty of ways you can sell without selling. Examples could be: hosting a webinar, sharing a helpful piece of content (blog, social media post/link), or helping a customer troubleshoot a problem.
  3. This is an easy one: Always ask questions. Most of the time you’ll find someone just as confused as you are and you’ll both locate the right person who has the solution.
  4. Use the data collected to show you what works. Data driven solutions come from data driven marketing.
  5. Additive manufacturing is a whole new world for me! There’s so much innovation happening, super exciting to be a part of but also stressful to stay on top of the trends.