Back on September 29th, with the help of the communication department and clubs like Lambda Pi Eta, a networking event occurred for current Canisius students to connect with alumni in the field. Due to my role as treasurer for the Canisius chapter of National Communication Honor Society, it was a rewarding experience to have a role in producing such a successful night. After prepping decorations in the Grupp Fireside Lounge and a quick internship seminar meeting with Dr. Irwin, over 20 Canisius College COM department alumni were accompanied by dozens of current students. It was valuable to have conversations with a wide range of individuals, some even former students that I built relationships with when I was a freshman. It was refreshing to see firsthand how successful our alumni are and how they quickly get respectable jobs in the field after they graduate. The networking event also allowed me to have more informal conversations with some of my professors that I really enjoyed.

After the alumni finished their on-camera standups, I was honored to be asked to record a student testimonial about the event! Thomas and Cara did a great job highlighting all of the fantastic things the communication department has to offer at Canisius. Overall, the event was a success, and I’m hopeful that a similar event will occur in the near future (hopefully with some great food like this one).