I had never been to a networking event prior to taking this internship seminar, so I was rather uncertain about what the experience would be like and how I would go about it. However, once I stepped foot into the Canisius College HomeCOMing event in Grupp Lounge, and saw so many familiar faces and areas of work that interested me, I quickly realized how advantageous of an opportunity a networking event could be. I first walked in and caught up with friends, and we quickly walked around the room and touched base at numerous tables. I spoke with Michael Berg, a friend of mine who I had not seen in a long time, and he told me about his experiences since he graduated in the past year. I also talked with with Emyle Watkins, who I worked together with on The Griffin newspaper at Canisius, and that conversation was probably the most eye-opening I had the entire time. I spoke with her about what she’s doing now in her position at WBFO, and she informed me of a lot of the work she’s done and it piqued my interest, as radio is something I never really considered as a potential path for me. However, after doing a little more research, it occurred to me that maybe there’s more there than I thought. It was exactly the kind of experience that I was hoping would come out of a networking event, and overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Going in I was nervous and unsure of what to expect, but it turned out to be a helpful and informative time.