Earlier this semester the Canisius Communication Department held one of the best events of my Canisius tenure, the HomeCOMing networking event for alumni and current students. It was a treat to meet so many Canisius alum and see their faces light up when they saw how the current crop of Communication Department students were shaping up. I had the unique opportunity and experience of filming many (many many many) interviews with these alumni, learning a bit more about each of their experiences in a more intimate setting. I was working alongside just a couple other folks, and it was great to be able to connect with each individual that came through, and ask curious questions and receive insightful answers. I found the analogy of “pulling at a thread” quite useful when chatting with these folks, as they would drop a hint or two about an experience or a fun story, and we had the creative license and freedom to explore those hints and stories. It was really something to behold. I hope that we can wrap up the post production on a few of these interviews so that other students across the campus can have a similar experience through the lens. In addition, I found it to be helpful to be working in my field as alumni came through. As much as we were asking questions and interviewing them, it quickly became a two way street where I found myself answering just as many questions. That’s the goal, ultimately. To have someone interested in you as well, and the conversation flows much more naturally after some of the initial walls are broken down.

That’s all I’ve got for this post. See you next time.

Justin Brown helping us test out our set design, framing, and other camera/audio settings. Thanks Justin!