The Canisius College Communication Department hosted the “HomeCOMing Networking Event” that took place on September 29, 2021. This event was on Canisius College’s campus in Grupp Fireside Lounge. The HomeCOMing event had a large variety of high top tables, each with a specific career (Photography, DMA, Human Resources, Fundraising/Organizational Development, Journalism, etc.). Alumni of the Canisius College Communication Department attended the event and spoke with current students about their careers and positions at the designated tables that corresponded with their occupations. Having alumni attend the event made it seem more relatable because in previous years I have had classes with a few of the alumni. Speaking to them gave me more information about other careers apart from my own anticipated career, and how my communication degree will help me achieve greatness in the workplace. I really enjoyed speaking with people of similar and different careers than me!

This event was also extremely beneficial to me because I was part of the team that planned for the event. Because of this, I was able to see the event through from beginning to end. I loved seeing the progression, and it was a tremendous success!