Back in late September, I had a not only enjoyable but productive time at Canisius College’s “HomeCOMing” networking event! Various Golden Griffin alumni now immersed in careers in the journalism, communications, and media fields came back to campus to offer insight into their industries, and answer any questions attending students had as well as give tips as to the best actions to take for those interested in pursuing the aforementioned fields. I enjoyed talking with a photojournalist for Channel 4 WIVB News here in Buffalo about his duties and responsibilities, and what it took for him to enter the field he is in. It was very interesting to find out that he has to arrive to sports venues multiple hours ahead of when the game begins to set up his photography equipment. He also mentioned that it is important to create reels of your own work to have at the ready in case an employer wants to see your previous work. I also got to speak with former and current professors. It was very nice to catch up with Professor Higgins, and talk with a handful of my current instructors. I really enjoyed my time spent at this event, I did not feel stressed because I was able to go at my own pace, but I was still able to be productive throughout the duration of the event. I look forward to the next event of this same nature whenever it appears again.