This is going to be my second semester interning for Council Member Joel Feroleto running the @hertelwalls Instagram and Facebook pages.  Last semester I was able to take photos, create content, and interact with community members by doing a walking tour of the murals sponsored by Buffalo Public Schools.  I learned a lot about social media from the fall and know what posts work best with the target audience.  After looking at the analytics for the pages I was also able to get a general idea for how many posts per week/days are most interacted with.  I concluded that posting 3 times a week and posting on Fridays worked the best.  That is something that I will be continuing with the pages throughout the spring. 

Unlike last semester, I will be doing this internship virtually.  I am excited to continue working/expanding my skills and produce new types of content for social media pages.  One skill, in particular, I would like to strengthen is my video creating/editing skills.  I am hoping to create 30-second to 1-minute videos highlighting the murals, the artists, and the overall meaning of the art.  I also would like to highlight the more local businesses on Hertel Ave.  I would also like to try to set up templates for future interns to use to help them with social media posting.