Hello everyone! My name is Mylan Hawkins, I am a junior majoring in Strategic Communication and Journalism. For this semester I am interning with Council Member Joel Feroleto as his social media intern for his projects with the Hertel Walls. My responsibilities for this upcoming semester include creating content to promote the Hertel Walls, which, if you did not know, are a series of murals that have been created on and around Hertel Avenue. To promote this content I will be curating Facebook posts, Instagram boomerangs and posts in order to increase engagement with the community and followers on these social media platforms. 

Leading up to the internship I was not that nervous as I had a chance to go down to the office and interact with both Joel and Megan, who is my supervisor. Both of them were really nice and inviting as they asked me questions about who I am and questions in regards to my experience at Canisius, which was nice considering that Joel had graduated from Canisius College. As of right now I am two weeks into my internship and I could not be more excited to create content for this initiative. Upon my first day I was told that I had a lot of creative freedom to curate the posts as well as come up with different ways to engage with the community, which includes interacting with businesses on Hertel Avenue as well as people in the community. From the way that things are going now, I cannot wait to see all that I will accomplish in the next 12 weeks.