Hello readers! My name is Arianna Seaborn. I am currently a senior at Canisius (wow!), and just started an internship with Douglas Development. My internship here specializes in event planning, something I have been interested in for basically my whole life. I am finally getting the opportunity to explore more with the help of Douglas Development and beginning to understand their role in the community as well as contribute with my own ideas for future events.

I have been at Douglas Development for about three weeks now. My internship takes place at the Seneca One building in downtown Buffalo, or the tallest building on the Buffalo skyline. It is so unique to be able to work there because it provides such a deeper meaning to this internship and just makes my love for Buffalo even stronger. My first few days here were all about meeting people and starting to make connections with important individuals. Buffalo seems to be such a small world in the grand scheme of things and it is necessary to branch out and make networking connections especially with a company like Douglas Development.

I spend three days a week with the Douglas Development team. On Mondays, we hold a small events meeting where all of the important departments of the Seneca One building get together and discuss what needs to be done in order to create and execute a perfect event. On Thursdays, our Open Air Market takes place in the east courtyard of Seneca One, where local vendors set up shop and the community is able to shop and explore all of these small businesses. And occasionally, I will also do some shopping as well. This event is fairly new to Seneca One, and each week we have seen steady growth in vendor sales and community outreach to new customers. I plan to soon help co-manage this event with one of my supervisors in order to gain more experience for event planning.

On Fridays, we have been putting on live music in the plaza as well as food trucks and a beer garden in the west courtyard. This is a great spot for the community to relax on a Friday night right after work. The tenants and residents of Seneca One love this event because of its convenience for them. As this is an outdoor event, there are only a few weeks left of this event. Once this is over, we will transition into a new event for Seneca One in order to keep the community interaction up.

So far, this internship has been a great experience. I cannot wait to provide you with more great information about Douglas Development and the events we have to offer. I am so thankful to be in this great position and learn more about event planning.