Starting my internship at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center was a whirlwind of online trainings, ID creation, corporate onboarding, and plenty of name learning but in the end I have established myself as the only intern within the creative department this semester. My duties are wide ranging, but the first few weeks have consisted of setting up production equipment for TV ad shoots, editing various projects, and assisting with any other projects going on at the time. It has been a treat to engage in pre-production meetings, watch experts in the field work their magic, and experience what it is truly like to work in such a fast paced, high-octane creative atmosphere. I’m still struggling to learn all the names I encounter, but I am quickly gaining ground in understanding how this creative department flows throughout the work week. File management, meeting coordination, and clean communication are the keys to success at Roswell Park and those characteristics are already showing through in my work so far. Every person that I have interacted with so far has had a genuine interest in my work at Roswell Park, and has offered sound advice beyond what any traditional classroom could provide. I am exceptionally excited to continue my work at Roswell Park, and to continue learning valuable skills alongside this great team.