I have had the pleasure of interning with Joel Feroleto and Hertel Walls for 2 semesters now as I am sad go. I have learned so much about social media, analytics, and follower engagement I also was able able to create videos that helped showcase the the murals better or followers. I really enjoyed learning more about thwart work, artists, and Hertel Ave so when they asked me to stay on until the next intern came on in the fall I jumped at the chance.
Although posting on social media seems easy, there were points that I found it hard to gauge the audience sometimes. I was able to create content that I felt the audience liked more by looking at the analytics. The content that people seemed to like the most were pictures that I took while I was out on Hertel shopping or dining. It definitely seemed more authentic because it was being posted in live time. Overall I loved working at Hertel Walls this past year, and am so excited to see where the next inter takes the page. Until then though, @hertelwalls signing off.