My internship this semester at Buffalo Rising has been nothing short of amazing. During my time, I was assigned with developing a profile series on young female athletes within the community, which I called “Game Changers.” Honestly, I was a little nervous going into this internship because it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do (I wanted a broadcasting internship at a news station), but it helped me in more ways than I thought it would.

Through my experiences at Buffalo Rising, I was able to work on my interviewing skills, perfect my feature-style writing, and learn valuable information about audio/video editing. These are all important aspects/skills that news reporters utilize in their jobs, so in the end, it was a very beneficial internship towards my chosen career path. In regards to my goals, I fulfilled all of them- I was able to gain experience working with audio/video editing software, while also creating pieces that helped to build my portfolio website.

Furthermore, the people I worked with were incredible, and my supervisor, Jessica, was so supportive and encouraged me to take the reins by being independent and responsible. Therefore, I would recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in Journalism, whether that be broadcast or narrative because it allowed me to gain valuable knowledge/skills that I can utilize in the future.