As the end of the semester nears, so does the end of my internship at The Buffalo History Museum. It’s hard to believe that the semester is over already, but looking back, I’m so happy with how much I accomplished despite COVID restrictions.

I’ve been doing remote video editing work that has involved several facets of editing. I’ve had to learn new software to clean up audio and create motion graphics to make video tours more visually appealing. One of my main responsibilities at the History Museum was editing the previously mentioned video tours. It was one of the first pieces I’ve ever edited where I wasn’t directly involved with the filming. Because I was assembling footage that was being given to me, I had to be creative and also be in frequent contact with my supervisor, Matthew Holland. 

Some aspects of the footage created interesting challenges, such as an echo that lasted for a whole tour. Once COVID restrictions began to loosen, I had the opportunity to go to the museum myself and take still images to be used in the videos I was working on. Throughout this process I ended up learning quite a bit about Buffalo history which was an added bonus. Overall, I’m pleased with the experiences that I was able to have during this semester and across my other internships during my time at Canisius as well.