My internship with the Buffalo History Museum was as great of an experience when it started as when it ended. I initially set out to produce and write podcasts that would help to further the content within the organization and ended up researching their social media at length instead. This was one of the most influential projects that I could have undertaken. It really made me see the value in research and helped me to acknowledge that this line of work is something that I am good at and would like to continue to pursue. I presented my findings to their staff yesterday after three full months of research internally and externally. They were happy with what I found and appreciated the time that I put in to this research project especially with comparisons to other local organizations who struggle with media.

Although I set out to produce more podcasts initially, the one that I did write was a story that I was personally invested in and proud of on Tim Russert. However, when the Social Media Project took over, it was all that I wanted to devote my time to. The trends were interesting, the room for content growth and personality to be built within the company image was wide, and all of this was conducive to affirming my choice in this major. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and they offered some great advice and knowledge to me about my work. Although I did not meet all of my initial goals, I adapted them in order to produce my best quality work and I absolutely would be open to helping the Museum or doing more work similar to this in the future.