My name is Skylar Merrell and this semester, I interned at the Jewish Family Services of Buffalo and Erie County, specifically within the Career Services department.  

As my internship is coming to a close, it is important to reflect on the past few months and my time at JFS.  At the start of the semester, I really had no idea what to expect, or if this internship was going to be successful.  Everyone has those worries when they start a new job or are an intern somewhere new.  However, as the weeks progressed, I realized that JFS helped me gain confidence in my writing skills and provided me with a great first internship.  

I spent the first half of the semester crafting a formal letter to send to psychiatry offices throughout WNY in order to gain more clients for the JFS Career Services Department.  It took some time to write and edit the letter, and it was a difficult task.  However, when I presented the final project to my manager, she was overjoyed and said it was exactly what she was looking for.  She complimented my writing and was thrilled with the outcome.  Having someone react so positively to something I wrote made me feel more confident in my writing skills.  That was definitely one of the highlights of my time at JFS.   

Furthermore, I will have an article published in their summer edition of the Jewish Journal, about the benefits of career counseling and why people should not be afraid to admit that they need career assistance.  Between my formal letter to the psychiatry offices and my future article in the Jewish Journal, I definitely met my goals for the semester.  

I am thankful for my time at the Jewish Family Services of WNY and I look forward to what the future holds.  Overall, internship was a beneficial experience where I was able to use my various skills to provide written content for the Career Services department, while simultaneously making positive, professional connections.