My video internship at Full Circle Studios has been an unusual, yet exciting experience. The first half of the internship was riddled with Covid-19 outbreaks and bad weather, making it difficult for me to begin my promotional video for the Niagara River Greenway. In a short time frame, I conducted 5 interviews, and filmed b-roll at multiple locations along the Niagara River Greenway. My coworkers at Full Circle Studios helped me through multiple edits and re-edits of the video, and I am excited to show the client the finished video. Check out the video here!

Reflecting on my goals from the beginning of the semester, I have accomplished everything I had hoped for at Full Circle. One of my main goals was to improve my audio editing and recording skills, and I feel confident that what I learned about audio through making this video will help me in future video productions. I learned how to write a treatment and strengthened my skills in script writing. Through filming the interviews, I gained a lot of experience asking questions and chopping up interviews in Adobe Premiere to create an interesting storyline. I got a substantial amount of beautiful nature footage that I can include in my demo reel and show to potential employers. This internship has given me a professional video that will show future employers that I know how to film, edit, interview, and tell a story through video. Overall, Full Circle was a great place to intern, and I accomplished all of my goals this semester!