Holy cow! I cannot even believe it is already the end of the semester and my internship with Screen Radar is coming to a close (well sort of).

This semester has truly been one incredible surprise after the next. If you had told me a year ago about even a sliver of the opportunities I have had thus far, I would have laughed in your face. Also, if you told me I would’ve actually enjoyed working remotely then I probably would have had you committed to an institution. Yet, here we are!

Interning at Screen Radar has not only given me INCREDIBLE experiences, but it has taught me a lot about myself in terms of what type of career I would like to pursue after graduation. First and foremost I actually do not mind working remotely. I have found such a great routine and rhythm for getting projects done at home that I am almost confident I could handle starting a full-time job straight from my kitchen table. Second, I have fallen in love with the type of work I am doing at Screen Radar which includes podcasting, interviews, writing news articles, and managing social media all surrounding film and television. I. Just. Love. It. All.

If you were to ask me one of the best moments from my internship thus far, it would have to be working on the podcast known as The ‘Verse! Being part of the conception of this show through its first episode and beyond has been nothing but a straight joy. On The ‘Verse! we discuss all things revolving around cinematic universes which includes Marvel, Star Wars, D.C., and much much more! It was here that I had the opportunity to speak with the special effects team from WandaVision which is actually my favorite television show. I can’t emphasize how awesome it is to work and be a geek at the same time.

Another one of the best parts of this internship has been the number of interviews I have been able to conduct or simply be a part of. I have interviewed a variety of different actors, directors, producers, etc. about a wide range of projects. Not only are these conversations a blast, but they allow for my interview techniques to keep getting better and better.

Fortunately, my time with Screen Radar has not come to a close as I will continue to help them out after graduation. This has by far been my most favorite internship experience at Canisius and I look forward to more opportunities with Screen Radar in the future. Oh, and if you don’t already, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook @TheVerseCast AND @ScreenRadar