I’m writing this blog post a bit early, as my Internship has quickly turned into a job prospect and I feel it was best to write my final thoughts before it potentially turns into a part-time freelance position or full-time gig.

My internship began working under a boss, taking on graphic design and marketing projects as needed, but when a quick change happened in the marketing team, I was left to my own defenses to pick up the slack for what my previous boss left behind. It was chaotic for sure, we had a lot of loose ends to tie up, but we finally managed to get back on pace. I’m essentially a marketing manager right now, I’m doing the most that I can with the limited time I have at the internship.

Originally I had intended to gain some extra pieces for my social media, graphic design, and even video portfolios, but this internship turned into much more due to the situation. I’ve been working with marketing budgets for Google Ads and Facebook, rebranding one of their apartment complexes, and more.

The shift in their marketing team situation definitely threw me a curve ball, but I was able to show I can go with the punches and and take on whatever someone might give me. I’ve definitely gained some good Marketing experience out of it and even some work acquaintances willing to give me some references and reviews in the future. I can’t wait to see where everything goes!