One of my most vivid childhood memories was when my family surprise visited my Dad as he got out of work one day. He worked out of the Canisius Science Hall building, which in 2008 was a Blue Cross and Blue Shield office. This day, though, was one of my first memorable trips through downtown and historic Buffalo. I remember my Mom cruised our big blue van down Elm Street as we entered the city, and I stared up in wonder at buildings too tall for me to climb. Then, on our way out of the city, I saw buildings like Greek temples, grand cathedrals, and then gawked at two lands linked by a big blue-ish bridge. Everything I saw was so exciting and new, yet old and curious.

My name is Casey, and I am an English and Communication Studies major in my last semester of senior year. Today, the Peace Bridge is a bit more green and I a bit older, but the Scajaquada is still my favorite drive going out of the city and the buildings that I stared at with such admiration still stand! I have been lucky enough to get an internship with the Buffalo History Museum this semester and now all of the buildings that I was so curious about back then are subjects that I get to research through my work.

I have been deeply interested in the history of Buffalo since the beginning of my time at Canisius High School and that love has continued to grow as I journeyed into college. My responsibilities as an intern at the museum include researching historic people, places, and events in Buffalo and writing drafts for scripts that we can use for a podcast that explores this city’s history. It’s probably the most excited I’ve been to do work because it doesn’t feel like work to me.

However, aside from that work, I also have been given a social media project that is going to look at how the museum’s social media accounts are currently running and how we can improve them. Using internal and external research, I am going to draw conclusions about the areas in which the museum could improve their posting and present this project to the museum before the end of my time at this internship. I am very interested in industry trends in social media and would love to run an account for a job, but not without knowing what to post and why I should post it.

I am also decently interested in content creation, but I think that this is the first step I need to take in order to understand what kind of job I may want coming out of college. I like the people I am working with, and I think that my internship is going to benefit me a lot in how a virtual workplace may run because I am settling in pretty comfortably so far. I see a lot of areas where I can help my internship site improve and I am excited to continue my work and see how it might improve!