Hello.  My name is Skylar Merrell and I am a senior studying English and Communication Studies at Canisius.  This is my first internship through Canisius College and things are off to a good start.  

This semester, I am interning at the Jewish Family Services of Buffalo and Erie County, specifically within the Career Services Department.  Before starting in early February, I was unaware that JFS even had a career counseling service.  However, upon further research and numerous meetings with the employees, I soon realized why they wanted a career services intern: this specific department is looking for ways to expand its outreach in order to gain new clients.

When I was working with my advisor in the fall, we were trying to find an internship placement that would allow me to use my writing and editing skills.  Writing is something I like to think I am pretty good at and thoroughly enjoy, so when I was told that JFS had some opportunities for writing and editing, I accepted and scheduled an interview.

I was nervous to start my internship because I had no idea what to expect.  Despite my nerves before the first Zoom call, I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about.  Everyone I am working with is very friendly, understanding, and has reminded me numerous times that if I ever have any questions about an assignment, or just in general, I could give them a call at any time.  

I am currently working on how other large Jewish Centers throughout the country gain clients and what social media platforms seem to be working the best for them.    

Although it has only been a little less than a month since starting at JFS, I am looking forward to my future projects.  I have been told that some future assignments will include, writing for their weekly bulletin, creating sample cover letters and resumes, and writing a formal letter to different psychiatry offices throughout WNY in order to (hopefully) gain more clients who are looking for help finding the right career path for them.    

Because I am currently unsure what direction I want to take in terms of a career, I am hoping use this opportunity to discover the different ways I can turn my passion for writing and editing into a career while simultaneously gaining experience in the workplace.  

Due to the fact that my internship is fully remote, unfortunately I do not have any pictures of myself at the site.  However, I have included a picture of myself (above) to put a face to my name and the JFS logo.