My name is Joey Williams and I am a junior IMC major at Canisius. I am interning at Bean Media Productions, where I am taking in all the knowledge about the marketing world as I can. Bean Media is a full service advertising and digital marketing agency that works with clients from Buffalo and other places all around the country.

At this internship I am considered the communications intern and I am responsible for many small tasks, but my main objective is to coordinate project management in a task-based platform for client progress and results. I also help with delivering reports, organizing workflow by scheduling meetings, communicating between different departments, and assisting with whatever else is needed.

I was very excited to start my internship just for the opportunity to see what goes on in a working agency and learn from the experience. I was happy to be placed somewhere with multiple clients and an agency-type setting because I hope to land a job in one some day approaching too soon. I am very fortunate that Canisius works so hard to help find internships for students and makes the process so easy.

So far, I am enjoying the experience very much and trying to learn as much as I can. I have been doing a lot of research on current clients of Bean Media to get an understanding of what they do and also why they do it. I think there is a big learning curve when you go from learning about scenarios to then actually being a part of those scenarios.