Hey everyone! I’m Aaron, a senior DMA major at Canisius College. This is my second internship with the college but my third overall as I took one in the summer of my Sophomore year on my own. I also freelance social media marketing and graphic design in my spare time, and currently have a client I’m working part-time for as their marketing assistant (It’s called CityMade if you’re curious).

I started my marketing internship in mid-January at Sinatra and Company, a local real estate company that specializes in adaptive reuse, as they needed the help ASAP. It’s been pretty smooth sailing so far I’d say. I personally enjoy the remote environment we’ve set up, and I’ve found I work better when remote than in an office all the time. (Not to say I don’t like the office life, but remote for jobs and internships has been going great for me)

Sinatra & Company Real Estate - Property Management & Development Firm

I’ve been doing a bit of everything at Sinatra so far:

  • Designing images for social and print
  • Tracking leads and making marketing reports
  • Monitor social media accounts
  • Recording B-Roll for advertisements
  • Recording interviews
  • Editing video (The first video should be out soon!)
  • Creating Social Media Campaigns for new properties
  • Creating E-newsletters for B2B and B2C
  • …and more!

This list is only going to grow as my internship continues, I know Sky (my boss) has a lot more in mind for me to do, and I’m excited to see where it goes. I’m pretty sure she plans on handing some of the WordPress site stuff to me as well as more intense analytics and marketing reports ontop of the other tasks I have daily.

Here’s a couple examples of the stuff I do (that I can actually show off right now):

E-newsletter: http://mailchi.mp/1ca6b94ebee0/sinatra-february-2021-newsletter

Example Graphic for a Linkedin Post