Here I am, in my office!

Hi, I’m Jensen! I am the Digital Marketing Intern for a local photography business, Focus Photography by Adelle. I work directly with the owner and photographer, Adelle. Together, we work on different social media strategies, trends, and finding new ways to bring value to her audience.

I’ve been working with Adelle remotely since November 2020 and things are still going really well. At the start of my internship, we decided my main focus would be growing the business’s presence on Pinterest. Previously, Adelle prioritized Instagram as her main social media platform, which makes sense because this is where she receives most of her bookings from. However, Pinterest is a visual platform that is great for finding inspiration. In addition, there is a ton of different types of wedding-related content and many Pinterest users take advantage of this when planning their wedding and all of the other things that come with getting engaged.

Examples of Story Pins I recently created.

Adelle focuses on weddings, elopements, and couple’s photography, in addition to family photography and portraits. We decided that we needed to stop underutilizing a platform that is perfect for her content – which is where I come in! I am largely responsible for Pinterest. I create content, monitor the analytics, keep up with the trends, and keep our strategy up to date. Adelle and I check in with each other regularly, which is great for making sure we are both on the same page.

After getting a hang of Pinterest, Adelle and I had a conversation about expanding my role. I now help with some of the behind the scenes work for her accounts on other platforms. This includes Instagram Stories and Guides, Reels and Tik Toks, and even writing blog content for her website. Mainly, I help to create ideas and drafts for the different types of content. In addition, I help Adelle with research and keeping up with what’s currently trending. We then work together to keep the social media strategies updated and relevant.

Overall, I really enjoy what I’m doing. I feel like I am constantly learning or tweaking my mindset, especially since social media is everchanging! Watching the audience grow on Pinterest has been really rewarding – we started off slow at first, but now that I am more familiar and better at utilizing the tools, the growth is compounding. Working on the other projects Adelle and I added to my responsibilities has also been really interesting. I’m learning a ton, and my perspective has shifted as I now have exposure to the “behind the scenes” of how social media might work for a small business.  

Be sure to follow Adelle’s accounts on IG and Pinterest! @focus_photography_adelle