Greetings! Salutations! Aloha! However you may find yourself saying hello!

I’m Rory Arne, a senior DMA student with a primary interest in video/photo editing, though I have also worked with animation and game design stuff too! This semester I’ve taken the first step into my professional career with an internship at Crosswater Digital Media; a video production service based right here in Buffalo!

Unfortunately due to Covid related restrictions, I haven’t quite been able to introduce myself on-site yet. Nevertheless, being in contact with my supervisor Armin and his assistant Lauren (who just so happens to be a Canisius graduate!) has given me wonderful interactions with their crew already, and hopefully I can build on that welcoming atmosphere once I’m able to finally step my foot in the door. Just because things in-person have been quiet doesn’t mean the work has been; I was introduced to my first project using 360 video thanks to Crosswater! Over the course of the last week or two, I’ve been pacing away at absolutely astounding 5.7k footage in Adobe Premiere, learning how the editing process works for them! It was also nice to dive back into Premiere around the clock, given I hadn’t been using it too much these past couple of semesters.

The atmosphere and work coming along with this internship have been quite exciting (and new as well), though I’d be lying if I said that meant I didn’t feel any sort of anxiety approaching the internship. I’d never been in a professional setting before or worked with actual digital media clients, getting some hands-on experience for the first time had me admittedly a little nervous. That first zoom call with Armin and Lauren had my nerves spiked a bit, but at the end of the day I couldn’t be too much comfier with where I’m at. Logging on and doing the work for Crosswater feels so rewarding in it’s own right, I couldn’t be much happier at the moment!

Below is a link to a couple of the edits I’ve done with Crosswater’s work so far- Nothing remotely finished yet but learning how all the panning effects work with 360 video has been a super fun and somewhat challenging process! I can’t wait to do more projects and edits for them throughout the semester!

Crosswater Edits: