I started my internship with Clocky LLC on Feb. 5th. Prior to getting accepted into my position I was interviewed by the CEO, Gauri Nanda. After a quick review of my art portfolio (Which, if you’re interested can be found here: https://www.artstation.com/dmpickle ) and technical skill set I was a good fit for what they needed.

My first day was bit hectic getting used to the work cycle and how everyone operated. My job is very relaxed but requires a lot of attention to detail, technical understanding, communication between myself and the team members, etc. However, after the first day I was settled in no problem and I blended in well to the work environment. I knew my responsibilities, they handed me several projects with no due dates (mostly because these things they want are for future use, not current); each project varied: taking their products and applying them to 2D backgrounds, designing prototypes and making them as realistic as possible (something I’ve never done personally, but I manage to achieve it with time.) Lastly, they want to change up how they display their products through amazon, official websites, etc. by having full 3D rotating products inside the product view. Before customers even buy the product they can look at it in 3D space down to the smallest detail, it’s very exciting stuff, honestly, and I’m happy I can make that work for them.

Original Outline

My Design
(3D recreation of Original Outline)

I get general critiques on my work from them, so I’m usually back and forth getting everything right to their liking. A lot of my work for them is recreating their designs and making them look “real” and pleasing to the eye, enough to be shown to the public. Though it can feel like a lot of pressure, I’m confident enough in my skills that I can provide what they’re looking for. I personally enjoy this type of work and I have fun tapping into my creativity and giving solid pieces back.

Original Outline

My Rework

Final thoughts

Not sure if this was to be included in this post but I guess I’ll throw it in anyways. For aspiring 3D artists who have a sort of passion for making art (whether that’s for video games, movies, special effects, etc.) some things to keep in mind. 3D art is a growing field. I’m a beginner still, even though I have 3 years’ experience in this field. Keep learning and honing your skills and never stop learning. Understand modeling and the software, but don’t rely on it for everything; it’s just another tool to be used in a wide range of other skills like sculpting, texturing, etc. Be confident in those skills too, and keep going, being sure to ignore the feelings of doubt and that your work is “not good enough.” There is no magical way to be a better artist. Raw skill means nothing if they aren’t honed through failing over and over until it clicks. Good luck. You can do it.