Hello everyone! My name is Bridget and I am a senior (ahh scary) studying communications and journalism here at Canisius. Whether I believe it or not, this is already my third internship within the communications department and honestly, it’s been my favorite thus far.

This semester I am interning with Screen Radar, a film & television news website that actually found its origins right here in Buffalo! A group of friends who all went to UB (University at Buffalo) decided to make this website about 10 years ago but it wasn’t until the past year or two that the website began to build momentum. Hence, the need for an intern.

To be honest with you all, this internship has been absolutely INCREDIBLE! I began working with Screen Radar a few weeks before school started so I’ve had a good chunk of time to get settled before classes, school, practice, etc. began. Not only am incredibly thankful for the extra time to settle in but the amount of opportunities this internship has presented so far have also been INCREDIBLE!

Bernie Visits WandaVision

Starting with some basic duties, every day I post to Screen Radar’s various social media accounts which include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (Please go follow @ScreenRadar) as well as posting various news articles, reviews, trailers, blogs, etc. to the main website. Oh and memes! Lots of memes. Writing and posting take up the majority of my time because there is so much content to talk about when it comes to movies and television, but also because I’m a geek and could literally talk about movies and television all day every day.

Another main duty of mine is helping to prepare for, film, and edit our bi-weekly podcast Film Dorks where the Screen Radar team, including myself and an invited guest, pick a very specific movie genre, assign ourselves a movie within that genre to watch, and then discuss all of them on the podcast. For instance, the week leading up to Valentine’s Day we filmed an episode about time travel romance which included 13 Going on 30, The Lake House, Somewhere in Time, and even Back to the Future. If you want to see adults dork out about movies, then definitely stream the podcast.

Film Dorks Episode 18: Supernatural Films

So besides writing, posting, and podcasting, I also have been able to conduct interviews for the website that involve different film promotions. Most recently I interviewed the directors of a new horror film called Sacrifice that was released about two weeks ago and it was a total blast! I’m in the process of setting up another interview with the help of my internship supervisor right now!

Although this internship is fully remote, it has allowed me a boatload of creative freedom to make various forms of content that have been both challenging and, to put it simply, awesome. All in all, my first month at Screen Radar has certainly been what I call success and I am so excited to see what else is in store for the rest of the semester.