Taking on a virtual internship from my apartment was definitely not what I expected during my senior year at Canisius. Regardless of this work-from-home situation, I still had the great opportunity to network with many professionals in the field and work with different departments during my production internship at WNED.

I had a number of responsibilities as a production intern at WNED. I worked production with my supervisor Lynne Bader by writing scripts and articles. I worked with the editing team to create videos for the Youtube channel. I also worked with the web development team to update the weekly TV schedule and edit photos for the web. With all of this experience, I feel as if I have gained significant, hands-on accomplishments in digital media that I can use in my portfolio. 

Beyond the videos I have edited and the scripts I have written for WNED, I have become skilled in professionally communicating. I have found my voice when speaking on Zoom and phone calls. I have become more receptive to criticism and adjust my work to what my supervisors want. I can take these skills into future jobs and creative endeavors. 

I am lucky to have the opportunity to intern during a pandemic. I made many new professional connections and completed rewarding projects. This experience was worthwhile under the circumstances. I am grateful for everyone at WNED who took me on as an intern and taught me new skills that I can utilize in future endeavours.

Check out an interview I edited at WNED here: