We are on a constant search to figure out what it takes to truly become successful. We ask ourselves the question of what are the fundamental components to help us take the necessary steps to begin our process for the path of success. Within this most recent semester at Canisius, and my internship with the Buffalo History Museum, I’ve learned life-changing lessons. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is time management.

To help you understand how this semester, I’ll catch you up. I enter the semester head high as we all do. I’m taking 5 classes and an internship so the workload is there. I make a drastic mistake. I save the work for weekends or complete one or two things during the week. At first, it worked out. However, I didn’t account for was life outside of school and how that might impact the internship. I tried to take on the challenge of doing everything at once. There were family matters that I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t realize that my work was completed late and looked as if I had rushed through it. Whenever someone tries to take every task on at once, the work does not get the attention it needs and the rush job shows. I could tell because minor errors occurred which would not have if I would have paid more attention. 

Time management is key. If I would have created a calendar of different tasks, I would have been prepared for whatever would occur beyond the internship. The video work would have been contained the proper amount of detail. The stress level could have been low. 

The Buffalo History Museum and Matthew, my internship supervisor were kind to me. I felt supported while dealing with these personal challenges. They understood by giving me more time to get the projects done. My rating for the entire experience is 8/10. Covid prevented me from being able to be on site.  Some goals weren’t accomplished but I thank Matthew and everyone else that helped me along the way.