I was welcomed by everyone from the start at Rembrandt Charms. The people made feel apart of their work family from the first day. During my time there, I was able to meet and build connections with people who had different backgrounds in their education. Everyone had different personalities and thoughts, but the one person I can relate to the most was my mentor, Thomas Valvo. Like me, he has an interest in classic cars. In fact, he showed me his project car that he is working on. He also helped me search for a classic car to work on.

Building these connections, I have learned more about design and what it takes to be a strong graphic designer. I also learned new software. There are many lessons I have taken away from working with Thomas Valvo him even when it was not about design. My last week was difficult. I knew that I had met some great people and now had to part ways. It is especially hard not knowing when we will meet again.