My supervisor at the Elmwood Village Association owns a Santa suit. Last Christmas he made some videos for his niece and nephews as Santa Claus. This year the EVA is holding a fundraiser where you can get a personalized video from Santa Claus for the holidays. I’ve had the opportunity to make the graphics for this event, update the website and create a registration form for this event. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to make graphics for the EVA, I’ve been spending the past few months cleaning up the website, so I am happy to have this new project.

For Small Business Saturday, Santa Claus will be making an appearance at the window of Thin Ice. There will be an area for socially distance selfies and drop off for letters to Santa. This is a nice way to finish up this internship, I am happy for this opportunity and for the skills I have developed this semester.

Store Cat.
Instagram Graphic