My first few weeks at Rembrandt Charms, have been the most nerve racking. I am the new guy who is stepping into an environment that I was unaware of. But I know I have to make the most of my time there. I want to be myself the same way I am with my teammates and coaches. But I also need to be professional. Once the first wall was down and I felt more comfortable, every other other wall was easy to take down. My supervisor and mentors are also graphic designers so we talk about about the freelancing world. Some of my friends also do freelance work.

The most common I receive is to promote my work. Rembrandt Charms is keeping me busier than ever. Each week there is a new project to due. There is always something new to learn. Networking with the design marketing team, I have been able to work with everyone on the team. It is great for learning how to adapt and work with others on group projects. I am also but also picking up other skills that will help in the future. For example, I now know how to work my way around shortcuts in the Adobe apps.

Most designers in my field have a job and also have their own personal freelancing jobs. For example I was speaking to my mentor who described his freelancing process and how he pick up projects from people. My mentor and the other design marketer are both freelancers on the side; they are both graphic designers. These are the types of connections I would like to make because it is the field I am trying to work in. I have done a few freelance projects. I want to show you some of my graphic designs below. These are from my latest project. The last picture was a summer project when I was creating designs on my sneakers and cleats.