Over the weekend, Arts Services Inc. hosted their 2nd annual Creative Professionals Exchange. The Creative Professionals Exchange also known as CPX is a conference for artists and art administrators to come together and discuss trends in the arts as well as relevant issues. The focus of this year’s conference was “Reimagining Creative Industry” which explored different ways that the arts can be accessible, sustainable, and supportive to communities that have been especially hit hard by COVID. 

This year the conference went virtual. I have never attended a virtual conference before so this experience was a first for me. I thought everything went smoothly and great. The ASI team went into the office to attend the virtual conference just in case there were any technical difficulties that anyone needed to fix. Even though we were in the office together, we were all in separate rooms attending the conference. It was quite interesting. After a session, we went out of our rooms and debriefed about it and then went back into the rooms to attend the next session on the computer. We found it humorous when we left each other face to face and said “See you on Zoom.”

CPX seemed like it was just what the Western New York arts community needed right now during these tough times even though we could not be together in person. I learned a lot and left the conference feeling inspired. I had the opportunity to introduce a presentation and I met a sum of people involved in the WNY arts community. I talked to a few of them and learned about what they do for a living. I even had the chance to interview a CPX presenter prior to the conference as part of my Informational Interview assignment. It was a very unique and neat experience to attend my first virtual conference and meet so many passionate and inspiring people virtually this past weekend. 

This is the room I was in at the office while attending the Creative Professionals Exchange (CPX) over Zoom.