“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” This is a common saying we have all heard. Often successful people, no matter their field, have gotten their position from who they know and just through their experience. Knowing important people tends to speed up the process of growth and career opportunities. It is one reason why networking events are important. During a global pandemic, things can be a little challenging for finding a networking events. We find ways to reach out to one another. Zoom events can be a new way to network in our current situation. But I found a different way.

The networking event I attended meant breaking some rules: I flew to LA for it. Hear me out. It was worth the time and travel. It gave me the opportunity to meet some nice people in my field. I went to LA for the second time in my life and was invited by Polo Kerber. My role was to help cover the press conference for the upcoming Mike Tyson fight. While there, I met people running the cameras as well as the people who created the event. It was an eye-opening experience. After the event, Polo invited me for dinner. I did not know who else was going to be there. When Polo picked me up, he told me the people responsible for the media during the fight would be at the dinner. He also said he sent them my information. 

Talk about a great person to have in my corner. I was able to meet with the owner of Eight Seven Media. I my excitement, I decided to explain my dreams and future goals. The owner was excited to hear my ideas and it helped having Polo there and in my corner. He wants to stay in close contact with me after I graduate. This connection and moment was only possible due to Polo, someone I know and who is in my corner. 

I don’t advise taking long trips in a global pandemic. However, I will say sometimes you need to chase your dreams by getting out of your convert zone and take a few risks. Not to worry, I am currently following the rules on quarantining myself for 14 days, staying away from everyone, and making sure I am safe. The networking in LA was worth it.