I hope all is well with everyone especially during these unique times. My name is Paul Knight. I’m a Canisius College student studying digital media arts with a minor in Communication. My passion is crediting content. My content is to help inspire, provide information, or create a feeling from whatever content I produce. That being said, History is an important part of our humanity, it is our foundation to the world we currently live in. creating very important information that we need. 

I’m currently interning at the Buffalo History Museum (which is pretty cool). The buffalo history museum holds a lot of information that people are looking for. This information is researched by volunteers who may not have a background in history, professors, or historians to fact check or add to new information. 

 The role that I am playing for this internship is helping create video content for the museum. Usually it is work that needs to be edited or changed around to fit their style. These videos will keep the museum connected to everyone who is unable to attend in person during this pandemic. Connecting people by communicating and sharing information online has become the new norm. This is especially the case for those individuals who have to stay inside.

I am learning about the need to check information making certain it is correct. Often, I’ll be working with Matthew Holland who is my advisor at the internship site. Every Tuesday we share a ZOOM call on what editing needs to be done for the week. This is where I get my orders to bring the content to the people. By bringing the content I mean shoot/edit videos, work on scripts and take a photo or two.