Hello fellow interns! I am Katie McMahon, a senior communication studies and integrated marketing communications double major from Boston, Ma. This semester I have been given the opportunity to intern with Council Member Joel Feroleto at Buffalo City Hall. I am going to be his social media intern specifically for his social media pages for the murals that he commissions on Hertel Ave (go follow @hertelwalls on Instagram- shameless plug).

I am a week and a half into my internship and so far I am really enjoying it. I feel very fortunate to be able to go into the office twice a week to complete work but I also am allowed to work from home/Hertel. The first 2 days that I worked I was creating content on Canva to post on the pages, learning about each mural, and looking at the analytics of some of the posts to get a better idea about what worked well and what did not. This week I took to Hertel to take some stock pictures of the murals so I can edit them and post them throughout the month. One of the main goals that my supervisor has for me is to gain followers/interaction on the social media pages to spark an interest to visit. Another responsibility that I have in the office some general secretarial work such as answering/transferring phone calls and interacting with any members of the city hall/the community that may come into the office (not too many have come in due to COVID-19).

As the semester continues I am excited to see how I will be able to grow my skills and get experience working with social media as a business platform. If you are interested in finding out more about the murals or finding out where you can visit them please visit http://hertelwalls.com. Feel free to follow us on Instagram too @hertelwalls

Untitled, 2019, Eduardo Kobra
Located at 1188 Hertel Ave