Hello everyone! My name is Bridget Brogan and I am a senior majoring in communications and journalism with a minor in pretending what I know what I’m doing when in reality I am just as lost as everyone else.

Let me preface all of this by saying, what a time to be alive right now! Never did I ever believe that back in March we’d be facing the challenges of a global pandemic and, let alone, six months later we are still facing many of the same problems. Throwback to when we all thought this would be over by the Fourth of July but never the less we shall overcome together!

To get back on script, this semester I am interning at Buffalo Rising, which is an independently owned, digital publication, or online newspaper, that covers any topics surrounding Buffalo, New York. As of right now, I am doing all of my work remotely which has its equal share of perks and drawbacks. I love the ability to sit and work in my pajamas but also when I’m home there are just soooo many distractions. I truly never knew how tempting Netflix could be until I couldn’t watch it because I had work. Also roommates…..a completely separate blog post for another time.

Anyways, my internship is going great so far! I must admit that I was nervous when I first started a couple of weeks ago because I have never “worked” remotely before. Last semester I was interning at News 4 Buffalo but when we got sent home in March, the internship just ended and there was nothing for me to do:( But now I have a fantastic opportunity to strengthen my writing and multimedia storytelling skills, right from the confines of my bedroom!

Today was a pretty big day for me as my first ever official article was published online! (woot woot) The article is about a Buffalo business, who makes handmade wallpapers, and their business has exploded in the past few months because people want fun walls in the background of their Zoom calls. I guess there’s something good to come out of this pandemic after all. Also, I have to boost my work, so here is the link to the article if anyone is interested: https://www.buffalorising.com/2020/09/the-perks-of-real-wallpaper-buffalo-business-supports-local-artists-while-spicing-up-zoom-calls/

In looking ahead to the next few months, I am very excited to see what other stories come my way and I am truly just grateful to have this experience during such a crazy time. Wish me luck!