Hi everyone! My name is Sierra Kenney and I am a senior majoring in Digital Media Arts and Communication Studies. When looking for a fall internship, I wanted something that involved my interests in both digital media and communication. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work as a Production Intern at WNED. WNED is a nonprofit commercial media organization; you can learn more about it here: https://www.wned.org/television/

My first project at WNED as a production intern was to edit a film that is to be shown at the Transit Drive in on September 16. This film portrays members of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra performing from a social distance. My supervisor Lynne Bader gave me script for the film, and I edited it in Adobe Premiere Pro. It will be exciting to see something I edited in a public setting such as the Transit Drive-in!

For my next project, I was responsible for writing a script for an editor. I was responsible for watching an interview of two Italian brothers who make biscotti in Buffalo. After watching this interview, I was to create an intriguing, short story out of the content. This was my first time writing a script, so I needed a lot of help from other producers at WNED via Zoom. Other responsibilities I have had so far are finding music for videos and updating the WNED website.

This is my first production internship and it is completely virtual. Doing an internship virtually has definitely tested my communication skills and my time management. I have had to learn to set boundaries with my internship supervisor and speak up for myself in a professional way. I am excited to see what the rest of this semester brings!