Hello! My name is Morgan Morris. I am a sociology and communications dual major with a minor in Women & Gender Studies.

If there’s one thing that I learned from this seemingly never-ending pandemic, it’s that you can be an intern and still do service in your organization. Until recently, I thought of work and service to be mutually exclusive when in fact, there’s no excuse to not be civically engaged and no reason why you can’t do social good, even from the comfort of your couch. A year ago, one of my communication courses worked with my current internship site, Girls Education Collaborative, to fulfill a class wide service project. As hard and stressful as planning the fundraiser was, it felt rewarding and that was when I really considered joining them as an intern.

Flash forward one year later and I am now an intern for Girls Education Collaborative (GEC), and I could not be more excited! After ending my last internship a month ago, I was ready to keep the momentum going, and GEC understood my drive to do what I could early on. No need to settle in for an extended period of time.

Girls Education Collaborative (https://girlsedcollaborative.org/) is a nonprofit organization in Buffalo that focuses on girls’ education and creating social change to show that the sky’s the limit when a girl received education. Four years ago, they built an all-girls secondary school in Kitenga, Tanzania. Why focus on girls’ education? This link provided by GEC outlines the issue well: https://girlsedcollaborative.org/why-girls-education/. GEC motivates girls, especially in Tanzania, that they are SO much more than child brides and teen mothers. They are aspiring doctors, lawyers, politicians, and change makers who will shake the world!

Right now, we are planning a celebration for the first graduating class from the Kitenga school via Zoom. After the obstacles that the world has faced, the girls truly deserve some good this year. What I anticipate is to not invite our loyal donors and patrons, but also students who are just as passionate about girls’ education. I’m spreading the word to schools in Buffalo, Rochester, and even outside of NY in hopes of having a big turnout. More details to come…