My time with Lemur Studios was well spent and incredibly insightful. As my time with them comes to a close, I’ve been working on finishing my episodes of Meet the Filmmakers. While classes and lectures have given me a solid understanding of cutting together a cohesive narrative, this internship has definitely taken my video editing abilities to the next level. Because the episodes are only 5 minutes long and are launched on Facebook, aspects like color correction and grading have to be adjusted so that the show pops against Facebook’s interface. Also, because of the fast paced nature of Facebook video, more B-Roll had to be incorporated to ensure that the episodes were never visually monotonous

Because the internship was entirely digital, the team had to utilize the tools at our disposal to communicate and collaborate on projects. Our weekly meetings were changed to Mondays, so that we could be critiqued and spend the rest of the week making necessary corrections. We uploaded and commented on each other’s progress. In addition to this we communicated through Facebook Messenger to compare graphics and color correction. This internship taught me how to maintain brand image in a series that multiple people were working on. We were invited to give our own creative flair to the episodes, but there were certain details like the intro and outro that had to be consistent.

I’ve learned so much during my time with Lemur Studios and I’m happy that I chose to spend my summer working with them.