What a journey these past few months have been. Not knowing if this internship experience was even going to happen was difficult. Everything going on in the world has been difficult. Through these times I’ve been trying my best to keep things in perspective to be thankful for this opportunity, and what an opportunity it was. While most businesses were closed down, Article Group didn’t seem to skip a beat. Their offices may have been closed but they were so open and accepting to me as an intern.

I have been so lucky and fortunate to work for a company like Article Group. They were already working remotely and they made the transition and learning experience so seamless. Over the past few months I’ve been able to work on projects for Google, something I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do! The culture as a creative agency is one that’s forward thinking and trusting. With the current state of the workplace, I was able to learn how they operate and they’ve moved forward not only as a company but with the technology they use. The communication is elite and the higher level people trust their teams to do their work remotely and I think that breeds an environment for success. While learning a lot about copywriting and professionalism, one of the more important lessons I learned about was teamwork. I learned how an agency relies on many people to get a task or campaign done and how to be a cohesive part of that team.

I just want to take this moment and give a special thanks to Dr. Irwin who worked so hard this summer to get me this opportunity and to organize this seminar; I will always be grateful for the work and care she puts in for her students. I also want to thank Liz Chatterton, a copywriter at Article Group, who graciously and patiently took me under her wing this summer, without her I probably would’ve had a far less productive summer. Liz and everyone at Article Group made me feel so welcome and have taught me so much, reaffirming that this is the field I want to start my career in.

Peace Out,

Johnson Ly