As my internship at Superbia Services comes to a close I am reflecting on what I have learned. Although I have gained some valuable experience, I think the most important thing I learned is how important communication is within a company. Communication has to be good in order for a company to function well. When communication is bad, it leaves people confused and probably not doing what they are supposed to be doing. I found myself confused and not knowing what to do for a while during my internship. I was able to take initiative and do things that made the most of my time at Superbia. I also found myself getting out of my comfort zone and asking for help in these types of situations. Asking for help is not always easy but it is an essential part of good communication.

Even though my internship did not go how I envisioned it, I would not change the experience I had. I think I have been able to gain insight that many people may not have gotten in their internship. I experienced communication problems but also I learned how to deal with them. I learned that every day is a new day and you have to try to make the best out of the work you are given. I learned that it is okay to struggle and ask for guidance. This internship helped me realize that not every business is perfect. I don’t think that there is such thing as a perfect business; I believe all companies strive towards that and it is how they strive that leaves the mark.