The past six-weeks have been a rollercoaster. When I think back to the beginning of this experience I am overwhelmed with all that I could accomplish even though I was states away from the DC Police Foundation for most of it. My supervisor assigned me many different jobs to try to give me diverse experience. I did a number of research and writing projects, created social media posts, made up a brochure for the Foundation, wrote up a budget meeting one-pager, moderated virtual meetings and set up presentations with professionals to present to a group of high school interns. On top of that, I was also given many little jobs which kept me busy when I finished my bigger projects. I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with such an amazing supervisor who was always there to support me but gave me enough space to take the jobs she assigned and run with them. I was treated as a partner in the Foundation instead of just an intern and she left me with many responsibilities that were important to the Foundation. I can honestly say that this internship went above and beyond my expectations and is opening up doors for me that I never knew existed.