Hola! Well maybe not that language. Starting my internship at Article Group has been great — fast-paced and filled with action. One thing I didn’t realize going into the internship was how akin it would be to learning a new language. The marketing industry has their own jargon, but combine that with the enterprise tech world and I may as well have been trying to learn a new language. Not only the terminology but also how everyone communicates is different. Being completely virtual,I was blown away by the speed and efficiency of how people talked to each other. Using Slack and Google Meet primarily to do business, the ability to connect to coworkers is so seamless and streamlined. Terminology was just one piece of the puzzle and the other was learning communication from a business to business standpoint. Through classes I’ve become comfortable with talking to people and even the public media to an extent. Learning to talk from a business with a specific “voice” to another business with a “voice” was a challenging new skill to learn and use.

The past three weeks has been such an exciting learning experience. I feel like a sponge thrown into a pool getting soaked with information about business, tech, workflow, and writing. I only wish I could have the experience to be in the office with everyone but the video chats have been great! I’m looking forward to learning about this industry and can’t wait to see what lies ahead!