Hello! My name is Drew Garrett and I’m a Production Intern with Lemur Studios. After a few Zoom calls, I started my first project, which is editing a series that Lemur Studios produces called Meet the Filmmakers. The series itself is interview based on and is used to create excitement and draw attention to the 48 Hour Film Project. Right out of the gate, this was a humbling experience, because I had never edited a multi-camera interview within Premiere before. The workflow was rather foreign to me, so I found myself asking a lot of questions and revisiting notes from previous Zoom meetings. Though this was initially challenging, it also pushed me to become familiar with techniques I wouldn’t have otherwise explored.

Because my internship is entirely digital, the other interns and I have to submit our weekly work into a dropbox. We have the ability to view each other’s work and give suggestions on improvements. At the end of each week, we have Zoom conferences where we discuss deadlines, work for upcoming weeks, and learn techniques that will be helpful in upcoming weeks. We also communicate through Facebook Messenger Group Thread, which is helpful especially for quick announcements.

This internship is already very involved and focused on hands on learning, which is exactly what I was hoping for this summer. I look forward to working more and learning more through Lemur Studios this summer.